ALTOP – CV 625


                                           Each Film coated Caplet offers
Amoxicillin                          I.P              500mg
Potassium Clavulanate   I.P              125mg
Lactobacillus                   60 million spores

Broad spectrum antibiotic specific in all most all the bacterial and streptococcal and along with clavulanate potassium provides broader coverage effective than any ingredient with amoxicillin. Available in form of caplets and with the added advantage of lactic acid bacillus.

· Effective, Economical and Convenient B.I.D dosage.
· Better coverage for Gram positive and Gram Negative Bacteria.
· Upper and lower respiratory tract infections, E.N.T. infections
· Pre and post dental & other operative procedures.
· Gynocological urinary tract infections.